Brewing 4-22-07: ESB?

Well, it’s the first brew of the season for me… or rather the first brew of the year. Come to think of it, I haven’t brewed beer since 2005. Anyways, It’s time to start again. Today’s goal: a full flavor ESB.

I searched the BrewBoard online and came up with a reasonable recipe – a good malt/grain/hops combination. I decided to go with an extract recipe this time so I can get back into brewing without too many new things.

The Recipe I picked:
10lb Maris Otter malted barley
1/2 lb malted wheat
1/2 lb Crystal
1 oz Goldings @60m
1/2 oz EKG @60m
1/2 oz EKG @30m
1 oz fuggles @2m

I found a place down in Iowa City on 2nd street that sells beer making supplies, however unfortunately it’s only a small selection of ingredients and supplies that another shop brings by weekly. Since they had nothing on my list, and wanting to start the next day, I decided to make the recipe up as I went. Here it is :)

3:00 PM Sunday 4-22-07
Cleaned carboy, started water on the stove.
7gal carboy boiling water

5:16 PM
Mashed grain at 161F for 30 minutes (out at 5:46PM)
1/2 lb Briess 60L Crystal Malt, 6 Row
1/4 lb Briess Black Patent Malt, 6 Row Lovibond 480
I didn’t have a mill, so I used my blender. This was a mistake, it made it far too fine. Next time I will use a rolling pin or something similar to crush the grain instead of making it into a puree.
blender-puree puree cimg1632.JPG

8:03 PM
Added malt extract.
3.3 lb Muton’s Light LME
3.3 lb Muton’s Amber LME
1/2 lb Munton’s Wheat DME

8:46 PM – Hop Schedule:
60m: 1 oz Kent Goldings pellet (alpha 6.9 %) – 8:46pm
60m: 1/2 oz Saaz pellet (alpha 3.6%) – 8:46pm
30m: 1/2 oz Perle pellet (alpha 7.6%) – 9:21pm
02m: 1 oz Cascade Leaf (alpha 6.0%) – 9:45pm
cimg1645.JPG cimg1647.JPG

I cooled the wort by putting it in a cold water bath (which I refreshed periodically) and using a fan to blow cold air over the pot. Yes, there was a lid.

2:00 AM Monday 4-23-07
I transfered the wort into my carboy and pitched Wyeast 1056 American.
cimg1672.JPG cimg1673.JPG

There was something wierd about the iodine I used for the airlock, but then again, it’s iodine. I think it was cloudy doe to temperature or a small amount of starch that somehow got in it.

The wort did not begin to show signs of fermentation until thursday 4-26-07.

More Pictures

Updates will follow…


  1. Becca Said,

    May 20, 2007 @ 7:42 pm

    Though it might be an inappropriate and odd comment…but that is damn sexy.

  2. Steve Said,

    June 15, 2007 @ 11:23 am

    That looks delicious. How did it turn out??

  3. Scott L Stulken Said,

    April 15, 2008 @ 4:51 pm

    Very tasty! It reminded Tony and I of Mackeson’s XXX Stout, perhaps a little smoother. The year or so of aging might have contributed to that quality.

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