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A Needed 50

I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks but I was still surprised today when I realized that It has been 4 weeks since my last ride. Some friends had a 26 mile route planned, meeting in Hiawatha and going up the Cedar Valley Trail to Center point to get tenderloin sandwiches at Joensy’s (return the same way). I met up with the group, rode to Center Point on a trail that quickly became dirt, and had a good grilled sandwich. I knew I needed a few more miles so I did a jog up to Walker, Troy Mills, and then came back the way I usually start my trips through Alburnett. Total mileage was about 50.3. I was feeling pretty tired when I got back and I realized I hadn’t stopped the bike since leaving Center Point (mile 18). I think I’m going to do something around 85 next weekend and follow it up with my previously planned trip to Dyersville, since I’m going to need a bit more training before taking on the 120 miler.

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