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The Bucket List

Learn to tie a bow tie
go sky diving
go scuba diving
have a conversion with a local in a foreign language
drive a jeep with the top and doors off
fly an airplane (solo)
save someone’s life
see a bear in the wild – Accomplished, Saturday July 18, 2009 on Big Game Ridge, Yellowstone.
hike part of the Appalachian Trail
climb a 14,000 ft mountain – Accomplished Monday September 5th, 2011, Huron Peak CO (14,003′)
play a song on a radio broadcast station (AM, FM)
meet a head of state (former or current)
travel to the entire “This is not Miami” list
touch a big cat (wild or captivity)
cycle “Ride the Rockies
run a marathon
go sailing
be quoted in something published
apply for a patent
write/make a song of any genre (must be original)
visit every state in the United States
visit every inhabited continent (Antarctica not included)
experience 24 hours of darkness (outside)
experience 24 hours of daylight (outside)
see a VC-25 (or replacement)
attend Sensation White
visit the Vatican
see Mount Everest
touch an Egyptian pyramid
get an advanced degree – Accomplished August 6th, 2011, MSECE Purdue University
walk through “the wave
bench press 150% of my weight
go up in a hot air balloon
solo water-ski (one ski)
visit The Netherlands on Memorial Day

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