I’m back

Well, After long flights, confusing train bookings and an overall sense of confusion, I am back in the states. With me I brought home some knives from the Tsukiji fish market, Fans and Chopsticks from shops in Asakusa, and some food from a grocery store in Tsukuba. I also took almost 4Gb of pictures and movies on my new Casio EX-z850. I am currently uploading pictures (which will go long into the night), but when they are finally all posted, they will be available on my Pictures page. I will then begin the long task of adding descriptions to each picture – so stay tuned.

Today I also installed Word Press which should help make my life easier when I want to update my webpage. I have still not decided how to add it – whether to make it my main page or to just be a link, but I think I will learn the features first and then decide.

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