Firefox has issues

So I’m trying to browse the internet, and my new PC is really slow. This shouldn’t be the case, so I open up Task Manager to find out what’s going on. Hrmm, my pagefile is 1.9 GB. That’s a bit high, especially since I have 4Gb of RAM. So, I look at individual tasks, and what a suprise, firefox is using up 1,337,608 KB of RAM. That is unacceptable for any software. I haven’t even browsed through that much internet content yet using it. Great work guys, good job writing crappy code. If this software would have been submitted in my ECE 264 class, it would have gotten a zero.

firefox memory-leak

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  1. Joshua Said,

    April 28, 2007 @ 3:35 pm

    Actually it’s a problem some users experience with Firefox but doesn’t affect everyone. Before I reformatted my harddrive I had the same problem. Looking at Mozilla’s tech help, its a memory leak. All the uninstalling and reinstalling won’t fix it because Mozilla roots itself so deep into Windows registry it remembers everything upon reinstall. Now that I’ve reformatted on my new harddrive, I have no issues with Firefox.

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