Digital Kegerator work

I spent a few hours last night cleaning up my basement and sorting supplies. I’m planning on setting up my test station for the DRINK system this weekend. I have the physical workbench set up, however I need to build my water-feed system to simulate flow through our Vision 2000 flowmeters (I also need to add thank-yous to the teamdrink homepage for the companies that gave us free or discounted products).

In addition to the flow simulation, I have need to take a serious look at the code for our ezLCD-001 module, and well as figuring out how to get our bioscrypt biometric module working… I’m still having trouble even getting it to speak to me over a serial connection. I might take a step back and try to get it working using the provided C API instead of trying to cypher the protocol manually. To accomplish all of this, I’m probably going to have to re-build many of the wires that we made for the unit do I can improve reliability and give myself a bit more room to move parts around. Right now the interior of the unit is so cramped that I had to tape the LCD controller to the inside.


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